Paint Protection Film
Appreciate Greatness

What makes our Paint Protection Film different?

In this day and age, there are such a variety of paint protection films out there that it might be hard to choose or differentiate between all the films. Applying our previous experiences and knowledge of market analysis, as well as feedback from our customers, we took everything into consideration to develop a film that would go above and beyond your expectations. With the use of the most advanced technology applied to each of our films, we have created a paint protection film that sets the new standards of a quality film through innovation and consistency.

Every Detail Counts

TPU - Crystal-Clear, Non-yellowing (Aliphatic) material
Top Coat - Reinforced top coat to provide an even stronger resistance against scratches for unquestioned durability
Adhesive - Pressure Sensitive Adhesive to give the perfect balance between flexibility and adhesion

Our Paint Protection Films

(Xtreme Performance)

Detailing Meets Protection
The first line of ULTRAFIT ever created, ULTRAFIT XP was designed through extensive market research to deliver a product with Xtreme Performance and durability like you never seen before.

(Advanced Performance)

Merging Shine & Flexibility
Delivering Advanced Performance, ULTRAFIT AP is a dependable product that you can always rely on, no matter the circumstance.

(Retro Matte)

Blend of Style & Protection
Keeping the protection intact, ULTRAFIT RM gives you the option to give your vehicle a different kind of flair to stand out in any type of environment.